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Making Appointments That Show

“Out of 32 appointments, I delivered 17 cars!”

“I started as a new Salesperson for Reed Lallier Chevrolet on June 1st, working in the BDC department.  In August, I was struggling with my calls and appointments when JVTN® was brought on board, and my account representative at Joe Verde steered me to the course, ‘Turning Incoming Calls Into Appointments That Show’.

What a difference this course has made for my job!  The wording you teach has given me key phrases that helped change the tone of the conversation, resulting in more control and confidence. I am bypassing price more fluidly and am able to explain to the customer that there are many variables in picking out a car, so giving a discounted price, or firm price depends on the many choices available when they come in for an appointment.

Making the appointment on the quarter hour the way you teach us how to ask, has worked like a charm, and the word tracks on how to handle trades has been another key to my new success.

In August I made 29 appointments that showed and in September I already have 32 appointments that have showed and we’ve delivered 17 so far – and I still have nine more days to the end of the month.

Joe, my confidence has soared!  Thanks for providing me with new wings!!!”

-Angelica Carrion, Sales Consultant, Reed Lallier Chevrolet, Fayetteville, NC