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Mileage Matters Again

Here in California, premium is almost $5 a gallon, up from $3.99 not long ago and I have to buy about 40 gallons a month.

Diesel went up $1, too. My truck holds 36 gallons + 70 more in the auxilary tank for equipment, so I also buy another 200 gallons of diesel a month. The new price increase costs me $240 more a month.

I drive about 1,700 miles a month. Only counting my truck tank and my car, I use about 120 gallons a month and average 14 mpg in both. So averaging $4.50 per gallon, I’m spending $540+ a month on gas.

How much would I save, if I focused on my budget and bought a less powerful model of each and averaged 20 mpg instead?

The math: 1,700 miles divided by 20 mpg now instead of 14 mpg, means I’d only need 85 gallons instead of 120, and 85 gallons x $4.50 = $382.

I’d save $160+ a month. But let’s assume most people pay less or drive less, so how about saving just $75 a month?

How often are you $75 apart on making a deal on that vehicle they just can’t afford? Most new vehicles get better mileage than their trade, so how much will they save on mileage on the new one they want to buy?

If that doesn’t save enough, how much would they save on a less expensive model that still meets their ‘needs’. It costs less & usually gets better mileage.

Timing is everything! Don’t use the ‘Gas Savings’ close until you’re working the deal. If you use it sooner, they’ll just say, “We already figured that into the budget.”

Used correctly, our Gas Savings close works. Take chapter 7 in the JVTN® course…“Closing In The Negotiation”.


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