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More Effort vs. More Skills

I’ve seen 8-car guys have a 20 or 30-car month because they put in a ton of extra effort. But it can’t be maintained, because it’s based on a ton of extra effort instead of a ton of extra skills.

The better option is to develop more skills to improve even some. It’s math; selling 1 more unit consistently every quarter turns an 8-car average into a 12 unit average and 50% higher income.

So whether your goal is to start averaging 12 or 30, just focus on developing permanent skills and processes so that it sticks.

I can show you how to take baby steps and giant leaps to improvement, because I had to do it myself.

I never had any sales training and I was stuck at 8. It wasn’t until I stopped selling cars that I accidentally ran across a book on selling and success that got my attention, which lead to me reading dozens of books and listening to dozens of tapes on selling, closing, handling objections, etc.

The problem was that none of those books, tapes and seminars were about selling cars. They were on real estate, insurance, pots and pans, and everything but cars.

I keep stressing skills & processes are critical, because no matter what they were selling, one thing that stood out was that all of the super pros followed a consistent process to the sale. My biggest challenge was converting what I learned about selling in general, to create a new successful process selling cars.

My having ‘been there, done that’ personally is why we’re so successful at being able to help others reach their goals regardless of the brand or price point of the vehicles they sell.

If you follow my directions and do the work to practice again and again to get the marbles out of your mouth and follow my process – I can literally walk you down the path to that $100,000 a year income in sales you could be earning in a year or two.

The hardest part for everyone is accepting ‘change’ because no matter what their level in any position, people just don’t like change. In fact, at 30 years old, 90% of the people have been doing the same things for so long that they’re stuck in such a solid rut, and they live in that rut the rest of their lives.

Being willing to change is your most critical step, so the most important question is: “Are you willing to change?” ○ Yes ○ No

If you 3 yes, when will you start? ___ / ___ / ___


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