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I got an e-mail from a salesperson who justified not using whatever my article covered.

How’d he justify not using the info? He counted the times I used the word most. (I also get grief about using run-on sentences, and now and then I get a hit on my grammar – go figure.)

I use ‘most’ so often because most means more than 50%. I use it to save space when it’s common sense or when the exact stat isn’t critical to the point.

Other examples of ‘most’…

• Most salespeople haven’t had any real training on the selling process. (80%+)

• Most salespeople only know 1 closing question and only ask 1 time. (75%)

• Most customers care more about budget than price because they make payments (94%), but most salespeople (about 90%) spend a career trying to sell price.

• Most salespeople only earn average wages from their lack of skills and poor work habits, not because of the market or price shoppers. (80%)

• Most salespeople (75%) who attend our classes see an immediate improvement of 20%+ in units and 30-40% in gross, and a lot double sales overnight.

• Most salespeople (75%) will never even ask their dealers to let them attend our classes or download my free books, even though most (59%) got into sales because of the unlimited earning potential.


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