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Move Your Career To The Next Level…

From 8 to 18”

“Joe, when I started in the car business just over 5 months ago my General Manager introduced me to what he told me was the best sales training available – a mere three weeks later, I found myself in Halifax for a two-day Joe Verde Workshop called, ‘How To Sell A Car Today’.

With an open mind and 100% buy-in, I’ve been able to go from 8 sales my first month in November to ending March with 18! I was the only one on my sales team to reach and surpass their first quarter sales target while finishing first in holding gross on new and pre-owned vehicles.

I just came back from your very motivating two-day Closing and Negotiating Workshop and I’m excited to see how this advanced course will aid me in my immediate future! I would like to thank you Joe, your trainers and support staff for giving me the necessary tools to be successful in the car sales industry.”

 – Wesley Parsons, Vehicle Consultant, Fredericton Hyundai, Fredericton, New Brunswick


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