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“My best month ever at 19 units!”

“From 8 to 16.3 current average
and my best month ever at 19 units!”

“Wow! Joe, your sales workshop was just what I needed. The 2 days away from the dealership were jam packed with so many ways for me to get better now and to continue to improve.

Before I attended, I was selling about 8 a month, working long and hard and figuring it out on my own. Now I have a new energy, excitement and more importantly I have confidence in myself and a clear plan and process to follow with every customer, every time.

Your 8-step process is truly a deal maker! It’s simple, just slow down and follow all of the steps 100% of the time to get every customer to Like me, Listen to me, Believe me and Buy.

I am becoming a master of the questions and use them to bypass price, trade, rate, and payments. And now when it’s time to close, I have built the value way higher than the price, and I have fewer objections later on in the office.

Thanks to your training I had my best month ever at 19. Now, my current average is 16.3 and I am on track to hit my first $100,000 year in the car business. Thanks Joe!”

 Dawn Abundis, Salesperson, WA