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“My sales are up 50%!”

“My sales are up 50% after attending your
Closing and Negotiating Workshop.”

“Joe, I just wanted to say thanks! 

I attended your 2-day Closing and Negotiating Workshop, and it was jam packed with more ways to make more money!

Your ‘budget focused’ negotiation process is the way to go, and when I got back, I really focused on presenting the numbers exactly the way you described, especially on the first pass. It really gets their thinking up on the payment and down payment with real reasons for shorter term and putting more down, and I just got a down payment of $10K, just by asking.

I was selling about 12 cars before the workshop, sold 15 the next month then 18 the following month. So I’ll see you at the next workshop.”

Thomas Chudy, Salesperson, MO