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Need An Extra $28,000 This Year?

A lot of salespeople need extra money to pay the bills and don’t realize how much extra money they could be earning while they’re waiting around for another tough to close walk-in price shopper.

The best part is, I’m talking about earning extra money without extra hours. How? Easy, it’s just a math problem…

Most salespeople talk to 3 to 4 people a day on the lot and most salespeople sell 2 to 2.5 per week (8-10 units per month).

In a 5-day week, that means you’ve talked to 20+ people and sold 2 or 3 cars. Some can’t or won’t buy (22%), but every salesperson has at least 9 of the 20 each week who weren’t written up and who leave without buying.

The math… Of those 9, it’s a fact that if you get their info and follow up fast and effectively (1 text, 1 e-mail, 1 call and 1 thank you note) … on average 33% (3) of those 9 will come back in. Of those 3 who come back, 67% of them will buy from you – that’s 2 more sales per week.

If you’re earning $300 per unit now and not doing your follow-up – that means you’re leaving a minimum of…

• $600 on the table every week
• $2,400 every month, and
• That’s $28,800 per year you could be taking home without getting a second job. All you have to do is follow up!


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