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From New to $100K A Year!

“From ‘New Guy’ to $9,500 a month!”

“I’ve been in the car business for 1 year and was lucky to get in at a dealership that offered your training through JVTN®. I have been training daily since I started and have been increasing my units and gross on a regular basis.

You taught me to treat all of my customers as buyers and I’ve really focused on learning to ask questions, bypassing price, and mastering your 8-Step Selling Process. As I continue to improve, I’ve watched my sales improve from 5 to 10 when I started to 12, and then 15, and this past month I hit 18 units and $9,500 in commission – my best month ever in both units and commission!

Thanks Joe for laying out such a successful training program – I’ve done exactly what you said to do and I’m well on my way to earning $100,000 selling cars!”

-Michael Wilson, Salesperson, Sierra Blanca Motors, GM/Chrysler, NM


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