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New Business Development Workshop From Joe Verde

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., today announced the release of a brand new Business Development Workshop for auto dealer salespeople and sales managers. The focus of the workshop is turning prospects into buyers by better handling incoming sales calls, incoming leads from all sources and follow up of ‘unsold’ prospects. It also includes five easy ways to prospect for new business and increase customer retention. The first two workshops will be held in Boise, ID, January 11 & 12, 2016. And, the next class will be in Indianapolis, IN, April 19 & 20, 2016.

The interactive two-day workshop will run as follows: Day one will cover: “Your 5 Key Opportunity Areas for more Sales this Month;” “How to Handle Incoming Sales Calls;” and “How to Handle Questions and Objections.” Day two will focus on “The Best Responses for your Different Types of Calls and Leads;” “Effective Follow up of Calls and Emails;” and “Easy Ways to Prospect and What to Say.”

According to Joe Verde, President of Joe Verde Sales and Management Training, Inc. (JVSMT), the easiest way for auto dealers to increase sales in 2016 is to attend this new workshop, and send their sales and management team as well. “To sell more units, you have to put more traffic on the lot. If that’s your goal this year, then get to this hands-on two-day workshop, and we’ll train your salespeople how to put more appointments on the board every day, and increase their sales every month. This workshop will help put more prospects on your lot who are ready to buy,” Verde stated.

Verde has helped dealerships across North America for decades and has authored 7 highly popular books, of which to date, more than 512,000 copies have been sold and distributed. Verde founded JVSMT 30 years ago and it has grown to become the recognized leader in automotive dealer, management and sales training. Verde believes his training should accomplish one goal; get results for each client. That’s why the company and its training is known in the car business as the ‘go to source’ for immediate sales results and long-term growth. JVSMT works with over half of the largest dealer groups and Top 500 dealers, and with thousands of other dealerships across North America.

Verde and his team of professional trainers have over 60 years of combined experience teaching Joe Verde sales and management skills and processes. They’ve spoken to more than 150 dealer 20 groups, ADAs, and at many other industry events, including 25 NADA annual conventions. They also hold hundreds of Joe Verde Sales and Sales Management Workshops each year. Verde’s training is exclusive to the automotive industry. It provides common-sense solutions to every challenge that salespeople, managers and their dealerships face today in selling more vehicles, earning higher profits, and retaining their customers for life.

When Verde pioneered online sales training in 2005 with, it was an instant success. As a complete training source, JVTN® gives its dealership customers 24/7 access to all of its courses. And because JVTN® courses mirror the live training workshops, this allows dealers to continue their training after they attend classes. From Verde’s ‘Core 4 Fast Start’ for every dealership, to the dozens of continuing education courses online, JVTN® has proven to be the most valuable in-house sales training resource in the automotive industry today.

To learn about Joe Verde workshops and training products, or to request a free copy of or any of Verde’s books, call (800) 445-6217, or visit:, or call. To sign up for or get more details about the new BDC workshop, call: 800-445-6217, or click here

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