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New Calculators Help Dealers, Managers & Salespeople

Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc., (JVSMT) announced today that with the release of Verde’s newest book, “Top 7 Revenue & Profit Sources In Your Dealership”, the company is also releasing 7 new “Profit Potential” calculators on its company website to help auto dealers analyze their potential to grow and improve their net profit and can be accessed here.

From topics covered in Verde’s books, there are now 10 calculators: “Your Real Advertising Cost,” “Our Dealership’s Potential And My Pay,” “Floor Traffic Potential,” “Good Gross Potential,” “Desking For Good Gross,” “Prospecting Potential,” “Your Big Math Summary,” “The Value of Goal Setting,” “Your Below Average Salespeople” and “Individual Salesperson Potential,” along with rating sheets for salespeople, and Excel spreadsheets dealers can use to set and achieve their sales and income goals.

Calculations are based on the dealer or manager entering their dealership’s data for sales, expenses, incoming leads, floor traffic, customer base, and the potential they see for each of their salespeople. Dealers and managers can then assess their ad costs, their ‘no cost / pure profit’ sales potential, the benefit of small ‘incremental sales gains’, the percentage of improvement needed to double their net profit, and several other “what if” calculations to increase sales and profit.

For example, a popular calculator, Good Gross Potential, shows dealers and managers the huge profit potential they have. Joe Verde, president of Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc. explains, “All dealers already have a baseline of expense and profit. So when ‘good gross’ is generated from an opportunity the dealership has already paid for; like the customers on the lot now, or from the incoming sales calls they get now, or from making a sale to a service customer – and since the baseline is already established, 60% of that new gross becomes net profit because the only expense against that extra sale and the extra gross will be their sales and management compensation.”

Verde encourages dealers, their managers and salespeople to, “Read my new book, the ‘Top 7 Revenue & Profit Sources’ first to determine the opportunities you have every day to improve unit sales, gross profit and net profit. Then use the calculators to find your own key metrics, and set realistic goals for improving your unit sales, gross profit, net profit, and even your own personal income each year. There are no tricks, no smoke, and no mirrors. When you set a clear goal, you have a clear plan, and are willing to go to work to work – the sky is your limit.”

“While there are dozens of ways you can increase your sales volume, there are only a few ways that actually help you improve your net profit, and our goal has always been to show our dealers how to become more profitable,” Verde said. The calculators can be accessed on the company website by clicking here.

Joe Verde Sales and Management Training, Inc., has been the recognized leader in automotive dealer, management and sales training for 30 years. Verde believes his training should accomplish one goal; get results for each client and make them more profitable. That’s why the company and its training are known in the car business as the ‘go to’ source for immediate sales results and long-term growth.

The company holds hundreds of Joe Verde Sales and Sales Management Workshops each year throughout North America. Verde’s training is exclusive to the automotive industry, providing common-sense solutions to every challenge that salespeople, managers and their dealerships face today in selling more vehicles, earning more profit, and retaining their customers for life.

When Verde pioneered online sales training in 2005 with, it was an instant success. As a complete training source, JVTN® gave its dealership customers 24/7 access to all of its courses. And because JVTN® courses mirror the live training workshops, this allows dealers to continue their training after they attend classes. From Verde’s ‘Core 4 Fast Start’ for every dealership or salesperson, to the dozens of continuing education courses online, JVTN® has proven to be the most valuable in-house sales training resource in the automotive industry today.

To learn about Joe Verde workshops , JVTN®, or other training products, or to request a free copy of Verde’s books, visit:, or call (800) 445-6217.

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