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New Sales Book From Joe – Set Goals To Get What You Want

Prominent sales and management trainer, and leading automotive industry author, Joe Verde, released his newest book today on how to get what you want in sales titled, “Manage Your Career In Sales – Goal Setting For Salespeople.”

“Sales continue to improve for the car business. The problem is that too many salespeople are still not increasing their unit sales or their incomes,” said Verde, president of Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc. “One of the critical missing pieces for them is goal setting, and unfortunately only 3% of salespeople know how to, and do set goals correctly to grow.”

For a limited time, Verde has made his new book available at no cost at as a PDF download. He is also extending that offer on the first printing of his softcover books at no charge, other than postage.

“There are no excuses for not improving in this market,” said Verde. “If salespeople want to sell more units and make more money, it really isn’t difficult. 20% of their competition is asleep at the wheel, and the other 77% lack clear goals on how to, or what to improve so they can sell more. Just go to my Website and download the book. It’s easy, and it’s free.”

Verde, who has written more than a dozen books on sales and sales management, and five of those since 2008 for dealers, managers and salespeople in the automotive industry, clearly knows what challenges they face. He was the “8-car guy” who transformed himself into the “38-car sales pro” – and who later became a manager and dealer principal. In fact, in the wake of the recession in 2009, it was Joe Verde who threw car dealers the critical lifeline that helped countless dealers and managers survive and grow with his book, “A Dealer’s Guide To Recovery & Growth.” In 2011, he released his next book, “Earn Over $100,000 Selling Cars – Every Year,” to make salespeople aware of the incredible potential they have selling cars in today’s market.

“Goal setting is the closest thing there is to true ‘magic’ in sales,” said Verde. “My new book will show you how the highest achievers set goals and reach them, again and again. I’ll show you how to set clear goals and create your activity action plan on how to achieve each goal you set. And then we provide you with the training on JVTN® and in our classes to teach you the processes to get you there.”

JVTN® refers to the Joe Verde Training Network®, which was the first interactive, virtual training system for the automotive industry. Verde created and released JVTN® in 2003.

JVTN® is the ‘go to’ source for everything you need to learn in automotive sales,” he said. “In our online university-type courses, we show every person who is serious about their success the exact processes they need to learn and develop to become a 20, 30 or 50-car salesperson, and we provide the materials, homework and support to reach those goals.”

To tie in with his new book on goals, the company will also introduce a new Goal Setting training series this month on JVTN® that provides salespeople with the same easy-to-understand process they need to follow to set clear goals and manage their career successfully.

Joe Verde’s virtual training on JVTN® features dozens of training courses for salespeople, managers, finance and service plus hundreds of chapters on almost any situation in sales. The company introduces new online courses regularly to help dealers, managers and salespeople sell more units, at higher profits, in today’s changing market.

To learn about Joe Verde’s virtual automotive sales training programs online or to request a free demonstration, visit or call (800) 445-6217. For information about Joe Verde workshops and training products, visit the Web at


Setting goals in sales can control your career and build your success. Get Joe Verde’s new book for free and boost your sales & income right away!