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One of the Most Common Questions We’re Having…

Let’s talk about the questions we’re getting now…

“Joe, why do you keep talking about your 8 steps to the sale when we have almost no inventory to sell?

In real life, we either have the car they want or we don’t, and they either buy it or they don’t.”


I love it when people throw in ‘real life’ when they try to cover up the things they aren’t doing.

I talked to a few dozen dealers, GMs and managers at the NADA convention in March, and inventory came up every time.

All dealerships definitely had lower new inventories. And while they didn’t have many, in real life, ALL had some unsold new cars & trucks at the end of the month.

Everyone I talked to had between dozens to hundreds of used and CPO vehicles available on their lot or in their group for sale.

Nobody was selling ‘everything’ and they all said everyone’s taking shortcuts. Why? Because…

Good times develop bad habits.
Bad times develop good habits.

Right now everything is upside down and sideways.

The bad (low supply) is actually good (more gross / profits) and even with fewer sales, many salespeople doubled their income.

If you’re making so much more money on fewer sales, it’s easy to justify not selling more. But that old saying…

“Strike while the iron is hot,” was never more important
than it is right now and…

Yeah, you’re working hard, and it’s very frustrating when you’re with someone you could sell to, if only you had that perfect vehicle.

In real life, if you had more new inventory – all of the other dealerships would, too. That would mean more price competition, lower gross and less commission.

So let’s talk about what we can do this month, so you can sell more and earn more now.


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