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Only Santa Drives A Sled

Most people have a trade-in, so I want to remind you to never knock a person’s trade.

They trade them in because they don’t like them or because they have issues, or they just want a new car. But if you start knocking it, they’ll start defending it!

We all want too much for our trade, so the challenge is driving down the highball almost everyone has on the value of theirs, without creating an objection in the process.

We were trading our 8-year-old SUV with low miles and in perfect condition (I thought). I wanted $17,000 or $18,000 for it, so I washed it before we left for the dealership.

I took it to the car wash, where I realized the color was chipped on the molding, the tires needed to be replaced and both bumpers had color flaking off them, too. And I had forgotten about the stars in the windshield, the small dents in the doors, the faded wood grain and those cracked leather seats…

By the time I finished washing it, I knew I’d be lucky to even get $14,000 or $15,000 for it.

You’ll help customers ‘devalue’ their trade, too, in your “Silent Walkaround” as you’re closing. It’s called ‘silent’ because you never need to say anything to cut thousands off of their expectations.

Just never knock their trade. It got ‘em there
and will get ‘em to the next dealership, too.


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