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Overcoming Objections + Staying Off Price = More Market Share

Daily Training in Overcoming Objections & Staying Off Price Helps
Independent Dealer Modern Classic Motors Gain Market Share

 Joe Verde Sales and Management Training, Inc.,  today announced that daily training in how to close the sale, overcome objections and stay off price has helped independent dealer Modern Classic Motors of Grand Junction, CO, double its gross and units sold.  It has also helped the dealership weather the market downturn and stay ahead of its competition.

According to Dennis Campbell, Modern Classic Motors general sales manager, the dealership began using Joe Verde’s training over 10 years ago when they purchased his course “How to Close the Sale, Overcome Objections & Stay off Price on the Lot.”  At the time the dealership was searching for a way to help it sell more cars at higher gross profits to better serve their customers.Training our salespeople is a key part of our success. All of our new salespeople go through the Verde Fast Start program and then we select specific topics we role-play in our morning meetings, such as overcoming objections and closing the sale on budget rather than price. Each salesperson is also assigned two chapters per week of the Joe Verde book ‘Manage Your Career in Sales,’ and we go over key points from this book twice per week in our sales meetings.”

When Modern Classic Motors first started training it generated about a 100% increase; doubled its gross and units sold. The recession was tough on the dealership but it was able to weather the storm and actually gain market share while most used car dealers lost. “We have returned to our healthy pre-recession levels and are doing well.  We would not be this successful without our strong focus on training,” Campbell stated.

Modern Classic Motors is the second largest volume independent dealer in its market. But through daily training of its sales force, Campbell stated it has become more efficient than its larger competitor. While the competitor stocks an average of 300 vehicles, Modern Classic Motors normally only stocks around 120 vehicles and still sells almost the same volume.

The dealership caters to a strong secondary market where the ability to effectively deal with price is critical in the sales process, “One of the key things we have gained from our training is that by concentrating on the customer’s budget rather than the price, we are able to place more people in vehicles that work for them and the lender,” commented Campbell.  “We also obtain a higher closing ratio and hold higher grosses. As a result our market share is up a couple of percentage points while our competitors are down.”

Joe Verde’s virtual training on JVTN® features dozens of training courses for salespeople, managers, finance, and service, plus hundreds of chapters on almost any situation a salesperson will encounter in sales. The company introduces new online courses regularly to help dealers, managers and salespeople sell more units, at higher profits, in today’s changing market.

To learn about Joe Verde’s virtual automotive sales training programs stop by booth 129 at the NIADA convention and Expo, June 24-27, 2013, in Las Vegas, NV. To request a free demonstration, visit: or call (800) 445-6217. For information about Joe Verde workshops and training products, visit the Web at


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