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Peer Pressure Kills Sales & Careers

It doesn’t take much more than a ‘duh’ degree to know that if you don’t do what it takes to succeed – you won’t.

But so many people reading this who want to improve and know they can, don’t. Most don’t even try, because they’re afraid of the ‘resistance fighters’ or of what some of their peers will think.

We’ve all held back at some time in our lives because of the fear of, “What will they think or say?”

The real shame is that most people are so concerned about what other people think – they won’t step away from the crowd so they can improve and grow.

Rocket Science: You can’t become more successful than you are now, if you just keep doing everything the same way you’re doing it now.

Negative, lazy, underachievers or bullies treat people with potential who want to improve with contempt.

Pros see these same negative people and shake their heads in disbelief that someone would let themselves be manipulated and controlled by them.

How about you, are you using your potential or hiding from it?

 A Few Quick Questions

  1. When you’re in a training meeting with other salespeople and have a question you want to ask, do you…

○ Ask your question.

○ Don’t ask to avoid the grief?

  1. When a topic in here makes sense…

○ Do you get involved, take notes, rate selling skills, or problems, etc? Or…

○ Do nothing, because you worry some jerk you work with will make fun of you for trying to improve.

  1. When you read a script or hear about some other skill you know would increase your sales, do you…

○ Write it out and practice.

○ Do nothing, because you’re afraid of getting even more grief.

  1. When you’re working a deal, but just need a little help, do you…

○ Ask a salesperson or manager to help you out, so you can make a sale.

○ Lose another sale, because you don’t want to be called weak.

  1. When someone else is trying to improve, do you…

○ Support them.

○ Of course not, I’m the jerk and I do my best to hold others back so that I look better and smarter.

  1. After missing sales you know you could have made if you just learned more, when you go home do you…

○ Tell your family the truth; “I missed a sale because I won’t learn more, because I’m too afraid of what my peers will say.”

○ Lie and make up excuses, so they won’t be disappointed in you.

  1. Last one: do you go to work to…

○ Make a living.

○ Keep the peer group happy.

Remember the 20/80 rule? 20% of the salespeople in the car business, take home 80% of the commissions earned.

Choose wisely – it’s your future.


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