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Play The Odds

Over 50% of the vehicles are sold to women and over 90% of your sales are directly influenced by the woman in the group (wife, girlfriend, mother, etc.).

I hear a lot of stories from people about their “car buying experiences”. In fact, a friend of ours who wanted to buy a new car, told me she knew exactly what she wanted and was ready to drive home a new car on the spot. A buyer!

She took her husband with her, not for his approval but because that’s what married people usually do.

She went to the first dealership (the one closest to home) and found the vehicle she liked. She asked the salesman a few questions, and each time he answered her husband instead of talking to her. No surprise – she left without buying!

After three more dealerships, she finally found a salesman who realized who was buying the vehicle. He made his presentation to her, he answered her questions and he helped her buy her vehicle.

Each salesman (not salesperson) she talked to had the same chance to sell her help her buy a vehicle from them, which she said was never about price. But their habit of not listening and of assuming the man is making the decision cost all of them an easy sale.

If you really aren’t sure if 90% of the decisions are really made by women, just go ask your wife.


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