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Prepare For The Event

We all take tests in life, from earning a diploma to getting a driver’s license. If we wanted to graduate, we studied so we could pass.

Sports teams practice (study) for the big game. Golfers do the same before the tournament. Why? Because those events are important to them.

In sales, you’ll have 3-5 of those payday events every day and your preparation before you talk to your next customer controls the outcome and your income.

Here’s where things don’t add up. If you’d take the time to study/practice to get your license, or to play sports, why wouldn’t you prepare yourself for these payday events you’ll face every day in sales?

A golfer practices so they can win the money and you should, too. If you’re talking to 5 people each day and your average commission is $400 per, that’s a possible $2,000 payday you’re looking at if you could sell them all. Average salespeople deliver just one of those people every 2 or 3 days (8-10 per month).

I agree – you won’t sell them all. Besides, only 4 of the 5 are buyers now. That’s still $1,600 today. If you only sell 2, that’s still $800. And if you only sold 1 each day, you’re still looking at 25 units per month, and $10,000 in real potential.

With so many opportunities, you’re sitting on a huge payday every day – you just need to be more prepared for these daily tests.


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