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Processes vs. Skills – What’s The Difference?

Processes … A process is made up of the steps you take to complete something, whether it’s building a house, selling a car, or prospecting out in service.

Common processes you need in sales…

  • How to warm up the prospect – how to build value in owning the vehicle – how to close the sale – how to overcome objections – how to ‘work a deal’ (negotiate)
  • How to turn calls and leads into appointments that show
  • How to prospect for new business in service and in your customer base
  • How to follow up to get unsold customers back in
  • How to follow up and retain sold customers forever
  • How to successfully deal with price questions, price concerns and price objections
  • And everything else involved in selling

Each process has a different goal, so each has different steps.

The “8 Step Process To Sell A Car” is different than the “6 Steps To Turn Calls Into Appointments That Show”, which is also different than the “3 Steps To Handling Price”. The different processes are just the steps you follow.

Here’s where the confusion is on Processes and Skills…

You need to develop 3 Core Selling Skills … The steps in each sales process are totally different, but the core selling skills required for each process are identical.

That’s why you’ll hear us say, “Phone skills are not a different set of skills, they’re just (core) selling skills you use when you have a phone in your hand.”

  • Asking Questions is a critical core skill in every selling process above, and more.
  • Dealing With Price on the lot, when you’re closing, in the negotiation, in taking calls, in follow up and responding to leads, is another core skill.
  • Selling Skills like closing, building value, overcoming objections, and negotiating are critical skills salespeople need in every process.

Develop these 3 core selling skills and the sky is the limit for your unit sales and income.

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