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Put On Your Very Best Happy Face

It’s the holidays, so greet them with a smile – be positive. And remember it’s just as important every day the rest of the year, too.

Smile – Or Get A Different Job!

When people have to spend $30,000 to $50,000 for a car, their fear is making a bad decision.

No customer wants to hand over their check for the down payment and agree to make payments for the next 7 years, if they’re dealing with a barely friendly salesperson.

They don’t want to do business with a salesperson who is blah, negative or who won’t stop talking about features they don’t care about.

71% said their salesperson was most important in their purchase. On the flip side for those who didn’t purchase, 71% who didn’t buy said it was because they didn’t feel comfortable with their salesperson, management or the process.

Yes, we’re in sales, but we’re also just people, too. We have our good days and bad days and ‘stuff’ at work, home and life distracts us, too.

You can’t avoid the ‘stuff’, but you can leave it at the curb. Coming on shift, I used to pause at the curb and mentally put all of my ‘stuff’ into a brown paper bag and leave it there. I never worried about anyone taking my problems, because they have enough of their own.

Everything affects your sale, and you have your ‘stuff’, too. So always do your best every day to L A S T!

Look like a pro, Act like a pro.
Sound like a pro & Think like a pro.


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