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Questions About Closing More Sales

Don’t confuse selling to someone, with someone who is buying.

I bought an SUV, actually I almost did – until the whole process was so ridiculous, I just walked out.

Anyway, the salesperson I tried to work with, didn’t make any attempt to talk to me, even though he was just standing on the lot after another customer had driven off.

I had to say, “Hey – can you help me?” He came over, didn’t introduce himself or ask my name.

So I followed our script, and I said, “I’m Joe and you are …?” And he gave me his name.

He didn’t ask what I wanted to look at … so I took the initiative to say, “Is that black one sold?”

His reply … “No, we just got it.” That’s it, no other questions, so I had to take the initiative again with, “Can you tell me about it?”

This went on throughout the whole time. Even on the demo, I had to ask about everything. It wasn’t equipped the way I wanted, but I figured I could do without, so I said, “OK, I’ll take it.”

We went inside and as he was taking down my info, he asked what I did, and I told him, “Teach salespeople how to sell.”

He said … “So how did I do?”

I said … “That depends on whether you think you sold me this SUV or that I just bought it.”

He looked at me, totally clueless.

I was the only customer there, so what should have been a short, simple process, dragged on for 30+ minutes before I asked someone to find him, and he came back to tell me it would be awhile.

I was already settling for something I didn’t want, so I said, “I’ll pass – I don’t have time.”

Another clueless look and he couldn’t even
think of anything to say in response.

I’d like to say I had better responses at other stores. Nope, no introduction, nobody asked me my name or asked me questions. Even as I was leaving, nobody asked for my name or contact information to follow up.

Don’t wait for the customer to take the initiative to try to buy a vehicle from you.

My first point about closing: Nobody even tried!

There was no selling going on with anyone I talked to. Most had fairly decent product knowledge, but people

buy features and benefits they need & want, not just a vehicle.

They could have at least tried to close me on a discount, but that doesn’t matter without value.

In fact, when you offer a discount, you just told the customer…

“This vehicle was never worth what we’re asking, so let’s start here and work our way down.”

ps – I finally did get a new SUV!


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