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Questions To Find “Hot Button” Motives

Investigating to learn more than “I want a 2500 HD” is critical. When you find and sell to each driver’s “Hot Buttons”, people object less, and pay more for their dream truck (or car, RV, motorcycle or boat).

Here are some bad vs. good examples…

Dead End Questions

Do you want a long bed? “No”
Will you carry heavy loads? “No”
Will you be the only driver? “No”
Do you like this color? “No”
Do you want diesel? “No”

Your sale is headed ‘NO’ where so focus on learning to ask better questions that lead to a sale.

Who’s the lucky one, who’s it for Betty, you or Bob? “It’s for me.”

How will you use the truck, business or pleasure? “Both.” (Expand bus. & fun.)

What features are most important? “Heated seats, tow package for horse trailer and 360 cameras.” Talk about horses.)

Bob, will you use the truck now and then? “Yes.” What’s most important to you? “Heated seats, we both have bad backs.”

Betty, what do you like least about the truck you’re trading? “Torque & power, I pull a big trailer uphill.” (Talk about where, etc.)

It’s easy to improve. Just make a list of ‘dead end’ questions you ask now, and write a ‘better’ replacement question for each, and add follow up questions for each to talk more about their reply.

Then practice those every day out loud & you’ll start selling more cars, having more fun and making more money.


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