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Who buys – men or women?

A Forbes report in 2019 showed that women buy 62% of the new cars in the U.S. and influence 9 out of 10 vehicle purchases.

(Tip: If you aren’t sure about the stats, ask your wife.)

Women tend to be more practical and ask more questions when they’re buying – even if she’s only going to drive it now and then.

When men buy, we get giddy over 22” wheels, tires, lift kit, tonneau cover and light bars, (Ok, maybe that’s just me and my truck.)

Just remember that when you’re with a couple, the other person will probably also drive the vehicle.

They may only drive it now and then, but if you want to sell the ‘buyer’ the vehicle, it’s important to sell the other driver on the features and benefits they want, too.

Just ask more questions to find out who will drive it & what’s important to them, so you can hit everyone’s ‘hot button’ features.

“The payment is too much!”

When you’re down to the wire in the negotiation and get, “It’s too much,” find out how much too much it is and only focus on the difference.

Why? If it’s a $500 payment and they say $470 is their max, you don’t need to talk about $500, you just need to get another $30.

Being $1 a day too much and skipping just one fancy coffee a week sounds less threatening.

It’s “Reduction to the Ridiculous” and it works! Review it on JVTN®, then practice and you’ll sell more.

Use “logic” to close.

When closing, add some logic to help them make a decision to buy.

“Bob, I know it’s a little more than you meant to spend, but you aren’t just getting a pretty red convertible with awesome features, you’re also getting a safe, economical, dependable car that will hold its value and give you years of trouble-free driving.” (And close again.)

See “Closing” on JVTN®.


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