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Rate Yourself

To ‘Sell More’ and to stay more motivated, rate yourself so you know what you need to improve.

If you use our Weekly Pocket Guide, on the guest info pages, either in ‘notes’ or in the margin rate yourself 1-10 in each of the 8 selling steps you took with that customer. Soon you’ll notice your patterns on sales you miss and sales you make.

The rating sheet on the right is about your skills and habits in ‘sales’ critical processes. It’s easy; rate yourself honestly in each area after each customer.

Then just improve something each month and you’ll keep increasing your sales and income year after year. Just know that when you stop tracking, rating and improving yourself – growth stops.

Take our free short course at and learn how to plan your day, rate yourself, track your sales, set your goals and grow.

Join the 20% who grow every year and do what they do. The returns are worth your efforts.