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Ready for some “Recurring Revenue”?

When you improve your selling and income average – you create RR (Recurring Revenue).

I just finished a document on how dealers can maximize their return on investment with JVTN®.

One of the most important points for a dealership is the recurring revenue generated when salespeople improve their averages.

Example: Say the dealership was selling 100 with 10 salespeople. If each salesperson improves their average by 1 unit and maintains that 1 unit improvement, the dealership sells 110 every month.

As long as the improvement sticks, the 10 units and revenue from those 10 sales creates recurring revenue to grow their business.

The same benefit is also true for you, when you improve your sales through our training.

So by improving by 1 unit or more, as long as you maintain those additional sales, you’ll continue to make more money.

The Timing Is Perfect!

Units are down, so even if you haven’t improved in units, gross is higher. So everybody is making more money now than ever.

As always, those who learn more are earning even more.

If you make $500 per sale now on 10 cars, that’s $60,000 a year.

If you improve your average by just 2 units, you make another $1,000 a month. Maintain your new average of 12, and you’ll earn $72,000, instead.

When you improve a skill, you permanently improve your income.

Everybody I know in sales got into it for the unlimited potential, but most stopped learning more after their first couple of months.

You can make some serious money – just like those salespeople who send us their result$.

Not sure it’s worth your effort? Ask your family what they think!


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