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Are you reciting the product manual or selling?

Your most important tools in how to sell and making the sale are your communication skills, and we’ve covered this before…

  • 7% of effective communication comes from the words we say,
  • 38% comes from how we say those words (tone and inflection) and,
  • 55% is through our body language.

Because what you say is the smallest percentage by far, you better make sure you’re using all the right words when you do start talking.

Features – Advantages – Benefits

Customers make their decisions to buy based on just 20% of the features on a vehicle – not on everything it has.

Spoiler Alert

They don’t actually buy a feature, they buy what a feature will do for them.

People may ask about engine size, but what they’re really asking is, “Will this engine do what I need it to do for me?”

People are buying the advantages of those engines; like performance or economy. Those lead to the benefits; towing the big boat, winning the race, or cutting their gas bills in half.

Product Knowledge Is Critical

  • About 20% of salespeople are clueless and know almost nothing about the product – and another 20% know everything about everything.

 Product knowledge doesn’t sell. People buy advantages & benefits.

People don’t buy products, they buy what the product will do for them.

Some people buy expensive cars because they can and want more safety, performance or comfort.

Some buy the same car because they want or need to show everyone how successful they are, or wish they were.

Having product knowledge helps, but selling requires converting that information into advantages and benefits for each particular customer.

  • Too many product knowledge pros mistakenly believe that the sale depends on full disclosure of everything they know about everything.

Worse, they recite product info as it’s written in the manual. Cc’s, liters, cubic feet, coefficient of drag, and even # feet of stopping distance from 60 to 0 isn’t how most people think.

Most people, myself included, have no idea how to understand cc’s, cm’s, liters, drag, etc. We aren’t on the metric system in the U.S. and I hate not understanding what I’m reading or hearing when the person is talking meters, liters and centimeters, much less ‘cubic centimeters’.

So, let’s talk about clarifying what you say to add more value, creating TMO, and how to jump from the 8 car rut to the 20 car rut.


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