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Sean Gardner Talks Closing On CBT News

Joe Verde trainer, Sean Gardner, was featured on the morning broadcast for CBT News to explain how to give customers a world-class experience when they buy a vehicle, virtually or in person.

The extensive interview talks about the top three ways to simplify closing, and selling how customers want to buy, including:

  • Avoid pre-qualifying the customer and build rapport.
  • Develop questions to help control the conversation.
  • Follow the assumptive selling process taught by Joe Verde.

Gardner provides several examples and talking points salespeople can use during his interview with CBT co-founder, Jim Fitzpatrick.

“It’s not if the vehicle is the right price, what the trade is worth – it’s the salespeople who will always be that difference maker in closing the sale,” said Gardner. 

“Before really learning how to sell, I used permission questions that always moved me further away from making the deal,” he added. “Instead, we need to use assumptive, positive statements or questions that demonstrate that the customer is working with a real sales pro.”

Gardner emphasized that while working a car deal, a salesperson can help the customer make the shift to getting closer to the dealership’s numbers instead of the other way around. 

“A sales pro is able to take those shoppers and turn them into a delivery today,” said Gardner. “Learning these skills will help you with any type of lead – digital, walk-in, or phone opportunity.”

To view this interview, go to for more explanation on selling and negotiation techniques.

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