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Secrets to Success…

Ask Joe: “I want to make $100,000
every year – where do I start?”

We get this question a lot in class and through our ‘Ask Joe’ emails. That’s why I wrote these 3 books…

• “How To Sell A Car”
• “Earn Over $100,000 Every Year Selling Cars”
• “Goal Setting For Salespeople”

‘Sell’ is 440 pages, ‘$100K’ about 200, and ‘Goals’ 150, and there’s no way I can squeeze 700+ pages in here.

“Sell” is how to ‘Sell’ and if you can’t sell, you won’t hit $100K. “Earn $100K” is about the steps and key areas you need to focus on, and “Goals” is how to get yourself on a fast track improvement plan. (‘$100K’ & ‘Goals’ are free downloads at

One critical deal breaker with 97% of salespeople, including those who are really bustin’ buns to improve, almost no one knows exactly how many units they sell now or how much money they make now.

Not knowing where you are now and trying to hit $100K, isn’t that much different than not having a ‘starting point’ in the Navigation system. If you don’t know where you are, you can’t plan your route to get you where you want to go.

To improve, you have to know exactly what you’re doing in units & income, and in your monthly activities (# appointments, customers, demos, write ups, deliveries, etc.). “Around, “about” or “somewhere between” won’t cut it.

a. How much do you have to earn each month to make $100,000 a year? Do the math: $ _____ per month.

b. What is your current average units per month? # ____

c. What is your current average income per unit? $ ____

d. Based on b and c, how many units will you have to sell to make $100,000 a year? # ______

What do you need to do to hit $100,000?

If you get my Sales Newsletter, pull out your August 2019 issue and fill in the rating sheet on page 4. No highballs, be very honest with yourself so you can spot the easiest areas to improve, that also give you the biggest bang for your efforts. (If you don’t have it, call us and we’ll send it to you.)


Most salespeople say, “I need more training”. If that’s you, when you’re ready to sell more cars, get & read my books and start learning more on JVTN® or in our sales workshops.