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Sell A Few More Each Month – The Easy Way…

You always have a “personal assistant” with you…Here’s how to use it to help you sell more!

There’s a lot of organizational stuff most salespeople aren’t very good at. The good news is your iPhone or smartphone can easily help you sell more and earn more. Here are a few ideas on how you can use your iPhone to help you sell more.

Voice commands with Siri®…

Call – Type – Remind – Search

  • Tell Siri to make a call or schedule reminders. Siri can also create and send texts and emails for you without you ever touching the keyboard.
  • Set a call back or other reminder. ‘Remind me at 2pm Thursday to call Bob Smith’. When it pops up, tell Siri ‘call Bob Smith’ for you.
  • Add ‘notes’ in customer contacts to remember hot buttons, etc.

 Notes App…I use this a lot to keep a ‘to-do’ list and for quick notes.

  • You can type, or even easier, just use the microphone to dictate texts, emails and anything else you need to do when the keyboard is showing.

Tip: Enter each sale and commission. Check it off once you’ve been paid.

Tip: Enter my closing steps from the Landmark to the Delivery in your notes. Review during last leg of Demo.

Camera…The camera offers a ton of value for every salesperson to help you sell, keep you more organized, follow up, save time, etc.

  • During your silent walkaround, snap a pic of the dent, bald tire, star in the windshield, VIN, etc.
  • Whether they buy or not, take a pic of you and them by the vehicle. Send the pic as follow up, and put a copy in their contact file in your phone book.
  • Get WorldCard Mobile to turn their business card into a contact in seconds.
  • Save time getting info on the vehicle you’re selling. Take a pic of the sticker.
  • Make short videos on how to use nav, radio, cell phone, or other features people struggle with. Then send whichever applies to each different customer after the sale.
  • Take pics of you and your family, soccer, skiing, fishing, birthday party, or anything else you like to do that would help build rapport. Tip: Keep as ‘favorites’ for quick access.

Social Media…Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. – are all easy to use.

  • Look up info on customers before they come in – find things in common.

Calendar…Enter reminders; birthdays, call backs, to do items, etc.…Every course on JVTN® is smartphone and tablet friendly. Take a chapter a day and sell more cars.


Send me your tips and I’ll post them as they come in. For now, focus on having a great month and a great finish to 2018!


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