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Sell More Cars, Have More Fun, Make More Money

“I never had so much fun helping people
and getting paid for it at the same time.”

“Selling cars was something I always wanted to do and just knew I would be good at it. I was working as a teaching assistant in the school system and I was so lucky to start at a dealership that has Joe’s training and takes it very seriously. They had me start online training on JVTN® my first day with the group. We train together and take five chapters a week and practice in our meetings and on our own, too.

Joe’s process really helped me to understand how to sell and provided a very clear and easy to follow pathway to success. I follow Joe’s steps and never skip them, and I really love focusing on finding common ground with my customers and getting them to like me. Once they like me and feel comfortable, the rest is easy … they listen to what I’m saying, they believe what I am saying, and they buy from me.

Thanks to Joe’s training my first full month was 16 units and in my first 3 months I made more than my prior year working at the school.

My best month so far has been twenty-three and I’ve hit 21 three months in a row so my current 90 day average is 21. Thanks Joe!”

– Lauren Wittenberg, Salesperson, NY


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