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Sell More The Easy Way

Here’s a single rule that will help you become extremely successful in your career in sales.

Zig Ziglar put your secret to success as plainly as I’ve ever heard it.

His book, “See You At The Top,” starts out with the real secret to success on the very first page:

“You can get everything in life you want,
if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

You don’t have to mislead anyone, or try to trick them, and you don’t have to try to push them into
anything. In fact, you can apply this same philosophy every day to help you get where you want in
life, and in your career.

Selling is only hard when you’re trying to sell a car.

When the sale is your only goal, your words, tone, inflection and body language give you away, so they resist. Why? Because nobody wants to be sold anything.

They want “needs” satisfaction.

So when you approach your customers with their wants and needs in mind, and when your presentation and demonstration are on helping them satisfy their driving needs that you’ve talked with them about, their resistance fades and the sale is easier.

This may sound crazy, but helping them get what they want is all it takes for you to succeed in sales.

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