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Selling Is About Communicating

Two key points I want to make…

1. The different ways we communicate directly affect the outcome, so stick with the best…

• What we say: By themselves, words aren’t bell ringers and only make up 7% of effective communication.

• How we say it: Our tone & inflection adds more meaning to what we say. It’s 38% of effective communication.

• Body Language: 55% of our communication is through our body language and expressions.

2. The three types of communication in their order from A) least to C) most effective.

A) By Email & Text           B) By Phone        C) In Person

“But Joe, the people who text or email us about a vehicle
 and pricing want to do business that way.

No argument there, and that doesn’t change how less likely you are to turn a lead into a delivery if you stick with just emails and texts, which are the least effective.

Here’s the next ‘Yeah But’ rebuttal…

“Yeah but, nobody will let me do that.”

Words that are never correct when dealing with people…

Nobody / None ……. Everybody / All

Let’s do some word math that we cover in class when people say, “nobody” will, “everybody” wants…

All People
– Some Who Won’t
= Most Will

All People
– Most Who Won’t
= Some Will

No, that isn’t just to get a laugh, it’s to remind everyone that saying “none of my customers will” or “all of my customers want (the best price or ???)”, are never correct, unless you say it often enough. Once you believe it, you’ll be correct – it won’t work for you.

Your goal is to move the conversation from email or text (just words) to a phone call (words + tone & inflection) to up your odds of making a sale / appt. Your odds of making a sale double once they’re on the lot, because you have all 3 working for you to help you deliver it.


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