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Selling Skills & Processes

It’s time to up your game and start selling cars this year!

There’s been nothing normal about the car business these last few years, has there? Whether you were new to the car business during COVID or not, I’ve been pushing hard on you to get back to ‘selling’.

The money was BIG these last few years and even with all of the changes we’re seeing, it can be big now, too.

We always have salespeople in our workshops who sell 20-30-40-50+ units – and we had one salesperson who sold over 100 a month. Big numbers always pay you big bucks.

Some salespeople might argue with that, if they’ve never met or heard of anyone who sells 40 units or more.

Just try to keep in mind that even if you personally have never met a very high achiever in sales doesn’t mean that it is impossible – for them or for you, either.

Whether you are at 7 or 27, your goal in sales should always be to improve, not coast.

Most don’t, though, and whether 7 or 27 pays enough now, the problem is that if you don’t improve, inflation means you get less for your money every year.

When you don’t have much inventory, it’s easy to spend your days waiting for the BIG hit in commission and then justify why you don’t sell more units.

The question is never ‘can you’. The only question is how much effort you’re willing to put into developing your skills and following the same processes those 30-50+ unit salespeople do every day.

To start ‘selling’ more, focus on selling skills and processes.

This month, let’s put the ‘catch up’ pedal to the metal and start by you deciding your own potential to improve.

Let’s get started!


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