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Set Goals For Success in 2021…

Joe’s book…“Get Everything YOU WANT Goal Setting For Salespeople”

“I used to take the Joe Verde training that was provided to me for granted. I looked at it as a daily task I had to do, that may prevent me from potentially getting a customer on the lot.

I was given Joe’s book Get Everything YOU WANT (Goal Setting For Salespeople) a couple years ago and truly never planned on reading it. I recently decided to crack it open and in just the very first page I was sold on it. That first page says…

‘Selling cars will be the highest paying, easiest work you’ll ever do … or selling cars will be one of the lowest paying, hardest jobs you’ll ever have!

The difference will be goal setting.

When you wing it every day, you’ve set yourself up for failure. With clear goals and a plan, you’ve set yourself up for success.’

That quote really hit home and put into perspective the fact that I have just been winging it every day of my adult life. I had goals but no game plan on how to achieve those goals.

I haven’t even finished the entire book and have already taken so much life changing and enlightening information from it. I would recommend this book to absolutely everyone, whether you are in sales or not.

What I’ve taken from this book so far has helped me set goals in my personal life just as much as it has helped me set sales goals. I know enough now to know I don’t know enough and there is something you can learn from everyone, but there is A LOT you can learn from Joe. I now look forward to taking the Joe Verde training videos on a daily basis. It no longer feels like a task whatsoever.

My best month has been 18.5, I’m having my best fast start this month and my goal this month is 20 units. 

I am excited to see what the rest of this book has in store for me and to apply what I am learning to my daily life. Thank you Joe for changing my life with this book. What I have learned from you up to this point is absolutely priceless and I am beyond grateful you chose to share this information with the world. Once again, thank you!”

– Devon Grams, Salesperson, OH


Prep for 2021…Learn to set goals in sales is so important…Download this free book by Joe Verde, the leader in car sales training, “Get Everything You Want In Sales” today and learn how to control your own destiny.