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Setting Goals Means Doing ‘Better’ & That Means ‘Different’

More Success Requires A Trade…

Everybody says they want more. With clear goals, they could easily have it. The problem is almost always about the ‘trades’ they’ll have to make that stop them. Two examples…

Your Goal: Get more appointments and more people asking for you every month, so you can sell more and earn more.

That’s a great goal and easy to do, but you’ll have to trade the time you spend on other things, so you can focus on developing the skills and processes you need to make it happen.

1. What are time wasters? Huddle time, visits to the sales office, waiting for leads or walk ins, or mindless internet surfing.

2. You’ll also have to trade trying to get contact info, to learning to ask the right questions to get more contact info, because without it, you can’t contact them again.

Your Goal: Write up more people and deliver a higher percentage of your write ups. No big deal, just find more time you can trade.

1. “Telling Isn’t Selling”. You don’t ‘tell’ your way to a sale, you ‘ask’ your way to the sale. That means you’ll need much better questioning skills to find their hot button buying motives and target those in your demo and presentation.

2. To get and close more write ups, you’ll also need to master “bypassing price”, master my 8 Step Sales Process and follow each step in order, every time with every customer. If you will, you’ll build value as each step moves you closer to the sale.

Again, these skills are easy to develop, they just take time.


You probably have JVTN® now, but you don’t need to wait for a meeting or to get on your computer to learn more every day.

Users have 100% access to every course on JVTN® on your phone or tablet and chapters are only about 10 minutes each.

Over 40 million chapters of my courses have been taken,
and 75% were by users on their own, not just in meetings.
So start training today and start selling more tomorrow.

Tip: Find a partner who also wants to improve, then study and practice together, and you’ll both learn and develop your skills and processes faster, and hit your goals sooner.


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