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SHAC Applied Skills

“We train daily on JVTN®. Your 8 step process has been the key to take me from averaging 20 to 32.6 now.” Ameer, Medina Auto Mall, OH

“From 13 units to 23 from working on your 8 steps, focusing on closing and handling objections.” Addison Winch, Romeo Toyota, NY

“I worked in fast food before this, & with JVTN® I sold 21 my 3rd full month. I practiced with your team, followed your 8 steps & asked the right questions.” Eduardo, Durrett Motors, TX

“With JVTN®, I followed Joe’s 8 step sales process 100% of the time, and made $120,000 my first 7 months.” Stefan Van Zyl, Romeo Toyota, NY

“I doubled my sales after your workshop and JVTN®. I follow your 8 steps, and made more in the past couple months than my prior year.” Addison Hall, Goldy CDJR, WV

“From selling shoes to 18 units in 3 months after your Closing workshop with your 8 steps.” Deron, GMT Auto, MO

“From 8 to a 16 avg after your Sales workshop. Your 8 step process is truly a dealmaker!” Dawn, Subaru, WA

“From $40K to $61K to $89K to $116K to $147K and I’m on track to hit $180,000 by following your 8 steps.” Dylan, Fremont Toyota, WY

“After your training, my best month is 60 units & I’m on track for over $300K by mastering the (8 step) process.” Mohammed, Northtown, NY

I hope you‘re starting to see the value of developing new skills.


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