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Skills + Processes

There are a couple dozen different skills & processes to master in sales. And each of the 20+ courses on JVTN® is on developing a specific skill + the process for that topic.

Example: “How To Sell A Car” includes closing for 75% of the objections you’ll get in most sales.

“Advanced Closing” covers more. “Negotiation” covers how to set up and close a ‘Budget Focused’ sale in 3 easy steps. “Phone Leads”, “Unsold Follow Up”, “Selling Used Cars” and 15 more are also specific skills.

My point; there is so much more to selling than you’ll ever get in a 20 or 30 year career thinking you’ll learn it all through ‘experience’.

A salesperson in our “Sales” workshop who had sold cars for over 30 years, felt he’d done everything possible to support his family and did not want to attend class.

On Day 2, he broke down during lunch and said he realized he’d spent a career earning chump change compared to what he could have earned for himself & his family.

Most of you have JVTN®, so take advantage
of the opportunity your dealer has given you to improve.

Start over with the “Core 4 Selling” courses. Take “How To Sell A Car” first, just one chapter at a time. Print or buy the workbook for each course, do the homework & master each skill in the workbook word for word before you take the next chapter. Then take “Questions”.

Each course takes 30-60 days and you can plan on doubling your income in ‘23 for your effort. Not sure it’s worth it? Just ask your family!


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