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Snapshot Of Today’s Buyer

So with COVID, fires & hurricanes, let’s check to make sure
these are still accurate…

Are these buyer stats accurate today?

○ 99% want to drive it.

Yep, just like you and me, we don’t buy TVs without seeing the picture first or cars without driving them.

○ 90%+ did their research online.

Me, too. I was online yesterday looking at a used Land Rover De­fender and a new Denali. Not exactly comparable, huh?

○ 78% you talk to will buy within one week.

That’s another thing about people – other than necessities, most of our purchases are impulse driven and that’s why you get 1 shot. If you don’t sell it, the next salesperson will.

○ 71% bought because they liked their salesperson (and felt comfortable with the dealership and the process).

Yep, me too. I have a guy we buy most of our cars from and I refer my friends. (Sure wish he had an old Defender.)

○ 58% buy the same product they looked at first.

I did my research on the Denali, built it out, decided that’s what I wanted and went to the local GMC dealership. I came to buy, not to pretend I didn’t want it. Turns out it didn’t matter.

No one talked to me and the vehicles were so dirty I couldn’t see the interior. Now I’m in the 22% and lost the urge.


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