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Goals – Goals – Goals

In January, we talked about goals; what they are, who sets them, and the rules to goal setting.

All of that leads to even more questions to talk about.

Your success depends on 4 key elements. These are the 4 secrets to success: your Skills, work Habits, Attitude, and the type of Customers you focus on in your career in sales, and we call this SHAC, or CASH if you prefer.

The 4 components of SHAC can make you or break you in sales.

And there’s one other habit that kills even the easiest of sales, and that’s whether you’re selling price or value.

Price vs. Value

You can have a customer with a burning desire for the perfect vehicle for them, who came to buy. It can be parked next to where they pulled up, and you can still lose the sale if price is your focus.

How to avoid getting pulled into a price focused presentation is one of the easiest skills to learn, and one of the toughest habits to break, because that’s how almost all of us learned to sell.

Breaking that habit depends on what stands in your way.

Even with great, realistic and achievable goals, fear, ego and peer pressure can stand in most salespeople’s way of improving their sales and income.

We’ve heard nothing but positives about the potential forecasted for auto sales in 2024. That is, except from salespeople who hadn’t sold before Covid and bumped into buyers who over paid during the pandemic, when there were crazy commissions for salespeople who just happened to greet the ‘right person’. That party has ended.

Remember – of the next 10 people you talk to right now, 8 are the ‘right person’, so don’t screw it up.
Have a great month!


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