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Staying at #1

 18 units/month & #1

“I’m proud to say I have been the top salesman at my dealership for the last several years.  My success in sales is so simple; I just follow Joe’s steps of selling and growth which never fail and have resulted in my business being solely repeats and referrals.

I go the extra mile for my repeat customers and my current average is 18 units per month. These results and being #1 have allowed me to provide a very comfortable life for my family.

Lastly one great tool that has made my business grow is Joe’s Monthly Planning Guide.  I have been tracking and using the Guide since 2009 and I’m on my 95th planner!  This tool allows me to follow up with my sold and unsold customers and keeps me organized – and I appreciate that Joe has thought of every detail in it for salespeople from goal setting to follow up. Keep on helping me Grow Joe!”

Brian Enge, Sales Consultant, Melfort, Sask


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