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Stop Killing Your Sales

Stop bringing up down payment, payments,
trades and price to select a vehicle – it’s killing
your sales volume and your income.

I was headed to a class and sat next to a woman on the flight. We started talking about cars and she told me she had just gotten a new one. I asked her what and she told me a mini-van. I asked ‘why’? Because she had 4 kids. What features? Auto rear seat, etc, etc. in silver.

I asked what her #1 buying motive was when she went to the dealership and she said, ‘100% price.’ So I asked, “Well, I know they would have had a lot of other vehicles for less money, are you saying you’d have bought a compact 4 passenger 2 door in brown if they had shown you one for thousands of dollars less instead of the mini-van?” (You already know what she said.)

She said, “Of course not. We had to have one that would fit the whole family and it was perfect.” … I pushed, “If you’d shopped a little more you could have saved a little more”, and she said, “Probably, but it was perfect for us and we liked the salesperson, so we just got it.”

Stop Focusing On Price – It Is NOT # 1!

Instead of price, just ask the right questions to find who it’s for, how they’ll use it and why they’re getting it. Then focus on the features and benefits of just what they care about.

Sure, give a quick generic walk-around, but save the most valuable stuff for your targeted presentation to each driver’s hot buttons as you trade drivers on the demo. That’s 2 separate and different presentations.

Why? Because you’re covering different hot buttons for each driver, and you’re doing it right before you start closing the sale. (Get on JVTN® and review all of the steps of selling I’ve covered and just follow those 100% of the time, with 100% of the people and you’ll deliver 50% or more vehicles.)

Why not just focus on price?

  • Because like the woman on the plane, in the end, what they want and need is always more important. And in real life, buying or not buying comes down to a ‘budget decision’, not how cheap the vehicle is. If they can’t afford the payments, they aren’t going to buy.
  • And ‘Duh’ … someone else will offer a lower price.


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