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Stop saying you can’t!

I keep trying to talk you into selling more, but first you have to believe that you can.

The first step to selling more is to stop saying you can’t.

A few questions…

• Can an 8 car SP sell one more and hit 9? Seriously, of course!

• How would they achieve that? A lot of different ways; by improving their skills, their daily work habits, their attitude or by focusing on more productive prospects.

• Could they also sell more just by working harder and longer? Yeah, but that’s the worst way.

Why not just work longer & harder?

That’s what I did my first 5 years. But when you rely on hard work and more hours to sell more, it wears you down fast.

Then when you stop working bell to bell and days off, your sales slide and you’ll most likely sell less the next month and are back to where you were before, or less.

Continued growth requires ‘smart’ work to develop skills, not double shifts and no days off.

Remember, it isn’t how hard or long you work, it’s how smart you work.

New question…

• If an 8 unit salesperson can get to 9, can a 9 unit SP get to 10? Of course.

• If a 9 unit SP can get to 10, doesn’t that logic just keep going up the ladder, no matter how many units you sell now? “Yeah, but…” is usually the objection, especially when you get into the 20s, 30s and 50+ units – and it’s also a logical response.

Why? Because if you’re selling 8 units now, it’s easy to say an 8 car SP can hit 9 or 10 because you can see it. Most can’t see 30.

When you talk about selling 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50+ units, salespeople lose sight, because most salespeople have never met a 40 or 50 unit salesperson.

Everyone can stretch their imagination, but only so far. If you sell 8, you can see 9 or 10, but probably not 15.

What most SP don’t realize is that ‘the more you sell, the higher you can see’. Once you hit 10, now you can see 11 or 12 with no problem. Baby steps are the secret to permanent growth.

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