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Stop Wasting Your Day Waiting For An ‘Up’

A lot of salespeople spend most of their day just waiting and hoping. They hope for traffic, hope they’ll get an ‘up’, hope that person is serious, hope there’s a unit in stock they’ll want to buy, and hope they can and will take it home today. WOW! That’s just way too much ‘hope’ to depend on for a paycheck.

If I had a ‘Top 10 Ways To Fail In Sales’, ‘Waiting All Day For Something To Happen’ would be #1 on my list.

Simple Solution: Just do something all day, every day, that has to do with selling!

It’s one thing to wait for a customer to show up to have a chance of making a sale. And ‘Doing Nothing While You Wait’ may sound like the same thing, but if you aren’t with a customer and aren’t doing something to generate a sale, you’re doubling your odds of ending up with a much smaller paycheck each month than you could be taking home.

One of the fastest ways to make more sales each month and to start growing your own business in sales, is to use every minute of your day at work doing something that has to do with selling a car right now, or at some point in the future. Examples…

• Contact your unsold customers – the sales you missed. 8 out of 10 were buyers, and 8 out of 10 still are.

• Follow up on your leads and incoming calls as many times as it takes, to get them into your dealership.

• Contact previous customers to maintain the relationship and to get referrals. (Review my 5 Question Referral Script on JVTN.)

• Talk to service customers who are waiting for their ride, and work those 5 referral questions into the conversation.

• Call your friends to visit, but don’t just visit – pull out those 5 questions again, and start developing more business.

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