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Stuff That Matters Every Time

Even though 8 out of 10 came to buy, impulses control the outcome.

When you’re dancing (not the jerky kind), someone has to lead. Same with sales. If you wander around waiting for them to take the lead, most will wander off the lot soon.

Repeating ‘do you have any questions?’ means you didn’t learn anything about why they’re there to help talk them into buying.

When I say ‘be fast’ to greet them, I mean put a spring in your step, not compete in a 100 yard dash.

Look, act, sound and think like a pro – for instance, stop pouring your favorite fragrance all over yourself and seriously, stop cussing.

When you need keys, hustle or they may leave before you get back.

Sharing everything you learned in product knowledge school will quickly bore them off the lot.

Who carries a cubic foot ruler with them? 99% of us can’t visualize 15 cubic feet of space behind the 2nd row. Change that to, “Your golf clubs will fit here, won’t they?”

When getting trade info, force mental ownership, “I don’t have my glasses, can you read me the ID# on the car you’re trading.” (and mileage).

Be fast with unsold follow up. Text and call within minutes. “Hey Bob, I told my manager about your truck and he has a buyer who pays too much and wants to see it right away.”

Common sense goes a long way!


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