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Success comes at a price!

So many people confuse ‘waiting’ with ‘working’. They want more sales without more effort, but…

“The only place in the world where success comes before work,
is in the dictionary.”

Quick story: It was a rainy day and I’d contacted all my prospects from hot to cold. My coldest was a farmer out in Riverside (50 miles away), but I decided to call anyway.

He said, “I’m glad you called, it’s pouring here, so I can’t work and we were just getting ready to go get a car, we’ll be right down.”

Your competition is just ‘waiting & hoping’. Even when they get a customer, most are clueless about ‘selling’, and they’ll take every shortcut they can. That means they’ll send you customers every day who hope ‘you’re the one who’ll help them make their purchase’.

Stop trying to guess who the buyers are, assume every person came to your dealership to buy TODAY, follow my steps to the sale and you’ll make it happen.

Plus – assume everyone you talked to in the past is still in the market and will buy from you, if you stay in touch.

When you aren’t with a customer, spend every minute on the phone to create your own sales & success.

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