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Success in 5 Critical Steps

Did You Know…Your success depends on 5 critical steps.

1. Believing that you can improve.

“Whether you think you can, or can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford

2. Your desire to improve.

If you aren’t motivated, it won’t happen.

3. Your commitment to DO IT!

“I’ll try”, “I’ll give it a shot”, “I’ll do my best”

Those aren’t commitments, just options to “Fail” so you can tell everyone, “I tried, gave it a shot and did my best.”

There’s only one commitment: I WILL

4. You have to know your base, your 90-day average to set realistic goals and your plans have to be specific on how you’ll do it.

If you’re averaging 12 now, set a 13 unit goal and write down exactly what you’ll commit to doing to hit your realistic goal.

It’s a small goal, so if you hit 13 on the 20th, set a goal to hit 14. If you hit it the next day, add 1 more, and keep adding 1 more.

5. Self-Discipline & Habits.

I had a knee replacement last year, did Physical Therapy for 6 weeks before work and convinced myself I could do everything at home.

I have a home office and workout stuff in the same room and I had #1 and #2 above nailed and thought I had #3 & 4, too.

But instead of waiting until I’d done my PT to start working, I turned my computer on first and it’s always filled with 100 e-mails and stuff to do. Huge Oops!

I had a clear plan, but I didn’t make the commitment, so my knee got worse and I have to start almost all over again.

If we both follow all 5 steps, my knee will heal and you’ll hit unit and income levels you never thought were possible for ‘you’.


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