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Success Stories Help You Improve…

Why should I read other salespeople’s testimonials on your blog?

That’s easy to answer.

There are 4 things in sales that control your income and continued success – we call them S H A C.

• Your Skills

• Your Habits In Sales

• Your Attitude

• Your Choice Of Customers

(Repeat, Referral & Prospecting vs. Walk-Ins)

I like to include testimonials, because we always hear from salespeople about how these success stories have made them want to improve, too, and…

Once a salesperson changes their attitude, everything else falls in line.

Yes, I am also aware some get tired of reading about how so many others have set goals and achieved them.

In business, you’re supposed to try to please everyone, and my staff has even asked me to try to be more centered so we don’t turn anyone off.

But in my first 5 years selling cars, I earned nothing compared to my potential, because no one ever explained how I could improve.

My goal is to help you see and want to use your potential, and then show you how to make it happen.

Even if that isn’t you yet …
I promise I will keep trying to help you become your best, too.


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