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Summer is Definitely Here…

Dealers are getting dozens of new vehicles instead of hundreds, these days. I talked to one yesterday who was getting just over 100 and now only shows 30-35 coming in this month.

To the rescue…

Selling CPO & Used Cars

It’s the same thing at every dealership I drive by. There are almost no new vehicles on the lot, but there are tons of pre-owned. And I read in Automotive News that some dealers are selling

CPO vehicles with 75,000+ miles on them with great warranties.

This is a Brand New World in the car business, and you can adapt and adjust and double your sales and income. But to do that, you have to stop explaining why you can’t sell more, and

start doing what we talk about here, so that you can sell more.

Too many salespeople and managers blow off conversations about selling used cars with, “New car buyers don’t want used cars.” That’s true until you learn how to turn used cars into your gold mine. Start changing now, I promise it won’t hurt.

But – you can’t just ‘switch’ people from new to used. You have to make getting a used vehicle their idea (that mental thing).

Almost all of you use our online training. So this month, take my course: Selling Used Cars … and unleash that gold mine.

Summer Is Special Events Season

Dealerships spend a ton of money on advertising, flags, banners, hot dogs and that big Gorilla on the roof. And then…

They miss half of the sales they could have made!

We knocked out July 4th out of the park earlier this month, Labor Day is next, and dealers, managers and salespeople should think of every week as an event week. Start planning now, so you can hit some home runs every week.

Events generate traffic, and that means shortcuts. And shortcuts = skipped steps and poor closing ratios, so most SP still only deliver 20% instead of the easy 50% they could have.

Why put all of your hopes for a great weekend in walk-in traffic? Why not plan ahead and schedule a dozen appointments of your own, who’ll close +/–50% during the event, and learn

how to pick up even more easy sales the week after the event.

If you want to make more money this summer,
slow down and improve the selling skills you need.

FYI: You can take my courses on your phone, so anytime things are slow, go to and use that time to learn more.


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