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Take Them on a Mental Ownership Cruise…

People don’t buy cars, boats, bikes or RVs until they’ve already taken mental ownership.

Try to remember that none of us buys anything, even something as simple as a bottle of water, until we visualize ourselves using it for the purpose we want or need it for.

When you’re thirsty, you think about something to drink and then buy the water. You don’t do the opposite and buy some water and then try to figure out what to do with it.

Everything we buy is like that. At Costco, you don’t just go through the aisles putting random things like bread, butter, or a lawn mower into your cart. First you take mental ownership, and then that’s what goes into your basket, and that’s what your customers do, too.

Be like a detective, and ask questions (don’t interrogate) and actually listen. Be observant, there are clues everywhere (golf clubs, bumper stickers, well-worn trailer hitch, etc.) that will help you sell more. You want to know as much as possible about who it’s for, how they’ll use it, and why they’re getting it, so you can tailor what you say to create those mental images of ownership for them.

After you learn how to help your customer imagine themselves carpooling to work in it, or towing their boat, or filling that SUV with their 3 kids and still have room for camping gear, that’s when they can see themselves using the product. That’s called mental ownership and it’s critical.

Just ask them ‘Involvement’ questions…

Won’t this be fun with the top down?

Who’ll be driving most of the time Betty, you or Bob?

Who’ll be washing it, you or the kids?

Think about it – what are they doing as they answer each of those questions? Exactly, they’re involved. Betty is driving with the top down, and they’re smiling as they see the kids helping them wash the car (or thinking ‘no way are our 6 year old twins touching this’).

No matter how people answer, it’s always with themselves in the picture with their new vehicle.

Everything takes practice, but learning to ask these types of questions will reward you forever, because when they can see themselves behind the wheel, that’s when they buy.

Once you learn ‘what to say and do’ to create TMO (Total Mental Ownership) before you start trying to close the sale, that’s when sales and gross double and customers love you.


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