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Talk Past The Sale…

“Joe, you said to ‘talk past the sale’. What does that mean and why?”

There are dozens of ‘important things’ we need to do in sales to increase our chances of making it happen. One is to help people take ‘mental ownership’. That means see themselves using the vehicle, before they buy it.

Think about it – you stopped at McD’s for a burger and fries, but only after you’ve already seen yourself having lunch.

Same thing on the vacation you’re planning to Hawaii.

You think it through…

● get flights ● get Uber

● get hotel ● submarine tickets

A few seconds later, you see yourself soaking up the sun with that cool drink in your hand.

You see the kids playing in the waves, you see the people walk by, and you can’t wait for that submarine ride.

You are already an owner, ready to book your trip!

The questions and steps we teach help people take mental ownership and answer your questions as owners, not just someone thinking about buying a car.

Example: A plumber came to our dealership in his work truck.

Good greeting, and rapport, etc., and I asked him all of the who it’s for, how he’ll use it, and why he was getting it questions. So before we went on the demo, we had already mentally moved all his stuff into his new truck.

I mentally walked him through the racks he was getting, the toolbox, the side boxes, the cover, and we moved it all into his new truck. And then we hooked up his boat for his weekend trips.

In class, I always kid about how there was no way he wouldn’t buy, because he’d have to unpack and repack all that stuff again.

He owned that truck an hour before he bought it!


Focus on being thorough during your sale, not fast.

When you learn what people are going to do with the vehicle, ask tons of questions they can only answer as an owner. Like…

• So where will you guys go on your first trip – your cabin in Big Bear or Vegas? (Big Bear)

• Won’t this be fun with the top down on those winding mountain roads? (Yeah)

• Taking the kids or making it a weekend trip for two? (2)

• You guys picked the nicest one we have, and everybody is going to want to see it, so who will you show it off to first, family or friends? (My brother)

Well, let’s wrap it up so you can show it off – are we registering it to you or the company? (Us)


Fact: People always have to take mental ownership before they’ll take physical ownership, so slow down & walk ‘em through it!


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